Our Commitment – Aspire Energy

Our Commitment

At Aspire Energy, we are dedicated to doing our part for the environment in the communities we live and the regions we serve.

Our goals are to continue to provide solutions for more efficient energy use and to conduct business with environmental responsibility through the following practices:


Promoting a smaller carbon footprint

  • By investing in efficient and reliable technologies, i.e., Combined Heat and Power (CHP); Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), we are committed to delivering clean and efficient energy solutions responsibly and effectively, and assisting our customers and communities to reduce their carbon footprint.

Being a good neighbor

  • When evaluating our pipeline routes and determining facility locations, our priority is to conduct environmental assessments and consult with stakeholders to identify and mitigate sensitive areas and biodiversity issues. We maintain a progressive approach to climate change and energy efficiency as we manage emissions using energy wisely and encouraging our customers to do the same. Visit Landowner information page.

Introducing natural gas fueled and propane AutoGas fueled vehicles to our customers

  • We strive to reduce energy use and emissions from transportation fleets. For our fleets we purchase both natural gas and AutoGas vehicles to reduce carbon dioxide and other air pollutants. Additionally, we work with businesses in converting their fleet vehicles to CNG or propane AutoGas.
  • We own the only CNG fueling station on the Delmarva Peninsula in Dover, Delaware and we are constructing a new CNG fueling station in Dover, Delaware.
  • With reduced emissions and lower costs, Sharp Energy’s AutoGas, a viable alternative fuel for automobiles, currently fuels over 600 vehicles with 12 public and 19 private fueling stations, displacing approximately one million gallons of gasoline and diesel fuels annually.

Working with government and other organizations

  • Working with government officials, resource agency representatives, landowners and other stakeholders, we identify the need for energy sources with the priority to protect and preserve significant environmental resources.
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