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Liquefied Natural Gas

Aspire Energy seeks opportunities to invest in small scale energy, including liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Liquefying natural gas provides a means of moving natural gas long distances where pipeline transport is not feasible. For regions which are too distant from end-use markets to be connected by a pipeline, LNG is an alternative solution for these areas.


  • Efficient for maintaining operations during maintenance of gas infrastructure
  • Cost–effective for commercial and industrial users who are not connected to the gas grid
  • Utilized in the transportation sector, including transit fleets, high-horsepower off-road sectors such as mining, and marine uses, i.e. ferries
  • Allows more energy to be stored onboard a vehicle in a smaller volume.
  • Natural gas fueled vehicle emits 20 to 29 percent fewer CHG emissions than a comparable gasoline or diesel fueled vehicle on a well-to-wheel basis

Aspire Energy is drawing upon our experience in new ways to bring customers a range of energy solutions. As a subsidiary of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation which meets the energy needs of customers through a legacy of expertise in natural gas distribution, transmission, gathering and processing, marketing, propane gas distribution and wholesale marketing, Aspire Energy will work with companies and partners to select the best fueling portfolio that meets your fleet’s requirements with minimal impact on your operations.

Our expertise includes:

  • Analyzing your fleet and operation profile.
  • Advising on conversion operations for existing fleet.
  • Financing, designing and building either a publicly accessible fueling station, or a tailored private fueling solution (We can construct all required infrastructure to support LNG fueling stations that fit the needs of the end user.).
  • Managing site preparation, permits, equipment certification, fuel supply, project construction and ongoing operations/maintenance.

We have relationships with vendors, including LNG facility manufactures and LNG station design firms, LNG construction companies and engine providers. We are also a member of key associations such as Natural Gas Vehicles for America (NGVAmerica), U.S. Department Energy Clean Cities, and America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA).

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