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Why Natural Gas?

Natural gas is lower carbon, domestic, abundant, safe and efficient, making it the preferred energy option.


Direct use of natural gas can cut carbon emissions nearly in half when natural gas is consumed directly for heating and cooling, water heating and other applications.


About 98% of the natural gas used in North America comes from North America, helping to make the U.S. more energy independent and less vulnerable to volatile oil pricing.


The current domestic natural gas base is large enough to meet current U.S. energy needs for more than 100 years.


According to the National Transportation Safety Board, natural gas pipelines are the safest form of energy transportation - safer than truck or rail. The commitment to safety can be seen through the industry's $22 billion a year investment in safety programs.


92% of the natural gas delivered to customers is usable energy, compared to electric end-use products which maintain only 32% usable energy.


Across the U.S., natural gas is used in roughly 68 million homes, 5.4 million commercial and public buildings including schools and hospitals, and 192,000 factories.

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